Parking & Traffic Safety

Please respect the No Parking signs

Updated Tuesday July 21, 2015 by MSJLL.

We are guests of Gomes School and must respect their request to not park in the following areas.

  1. Cement sidewalks between entrance to fields along  the senior field before & after the 1st base dugout
  2. Cement paddock from the science pod to the snack shack (Las Palmas drop off area)
  3. In front of the Gomes trash bin area between the dumpster and science pods
  4. In front of the field house by the dumpsters  that area is for Fire & emergency access  to the back of the school and cannot be blocked
  5. No parking behind or beside the bleacher and dugout areas of the T-ball, Farm, Minor National or Major fields; these areas need to be free for player & spectator access
  6. No driving on the blacktop area of the basketball courts, batting cage area and / or track & field area.
  7. No unauthorized parking in the designated handicap parking spaces  without proper handicap identification and no blocking of the handicap spaces this includes handicap accessable ramps curbs and sidewalks all vehicles will be towed at owners expense.
  8. On Saturdays the main entrance way to the fields are blocked off by orange cones that are mared "no parking" "do not enter"  the cones are placed to block the flow of traffic for Saturday games for the safety of players,spectators and young children at the fields.  PLEASE DO NOT REMOVE OR DRIVE THROUGH THE CONES as this is a safety precauction and is apart of MSJLL's & Little League's Safety Plan. Please call the field house if you need assistance 510-659-1997

Thank you for observing the safety rules. If you should have any questions or concerns please contact the league's Safety Officer.